March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Technological tips

Unfortunately, by the end of 2019, the world has been faced with a pandemic virus called COVID-19 or Coronavirus. This virus continues distributing these days from person to person and there is no vaccine for it till now. As a matter of fact, the human being has not been prepared for such a condition. The best effective way to prevent being affected by COVID-19 is to be quarantined and try to cut the distribution chain. Furthermore, a lot of activities can be done remotely from home. So, we decide to introduce some software and platform in order to make remote working easier. Now, it is time that all people around the world be in a team. Indeed, it is our social responsibility and we want to defeat this disaster together.

Conference, webinar and online class

Defenately, one of the most important factor in businesses is communication. In this regard there are some useful platforms to provide you what you need to establish your communication.
  • Adobe Connect (it needs to deploy on a physical or a Virtual Private Server “VPS” and it is not free).
  • BigBlueButton (it needs to deploy on a physical or a Virtual Private Server “VPS” and it is free).
  • Zoom (it doesn’t require a server and you can use it as soon as installing it. It is free up to 60 minutes but you should pay if you want to have a meeting more than that).
  • Skype ( a very famous application for having a video call. just install it and establish your connection).
  • Skyroom (it is a cloud-based application. It is free up to 10 people in a meeting. just note that their website is in Persian but their platform is available in English).


Instant messaging, sharing files with your collegues and progress reporting are the routines at your work. Now, in this condition you can do these kinds of works by the following platforms.


The following tool helps you to work on a code with other developers. It needs to use Visual Studio Code “VSCode”.

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