Medical Artificial Intelligence

Our Projects in AI and Machine Learning

Smart Cancer Prediction

Brain Signal Recognition

#Smart Brain Cancer Prediction

It’s a project using AI, machine learning and based on our thesis. The platform is fed by medical images and patient’s test results. After processing the given data, calculating tortuosity and porosity of each voxel of each brain slice by DTI-MRI and made tortuosity imaging, which enables physician to better diagnose tumor burden and healthy brain tissue for treatment planning in comparison with their conventional method. By doing this, tortuosity imaging acts as the source of machine learning for finding proper PTV (Planning Target Volume) in radiation therapy in comparison with oncologists.

#Brain Signal Recognition

This project is based on our thesis in order to recognize brain signals. It designed and implemented on FPGA that helped us to improve the recognition speed significantly by using the concurrent feature. also simplifying the machine learning algorithm made it possible to be hardware adaptable. The future of this project is helping patients who lost their body parts.