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Our Startup Company Focuses on
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Medical devices

Designing smart medical devices.

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Medical AI

Using artificial intelligence (AI) as physician assistance.

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Designing internet of medical things (IoMT) in order to make smart hospital.

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Medical Software

Implementing medical assistance software.


Summary and diagram of our activities

We designed two devices (#roboBit-Pharma , #NeuraShape (formerly Bitmed-VR) related to medical technologies. One of them is proper for technicians and physicians in order to reduce unnecessary hazardous drugs exposure. Also, another device created for patients who are anxious or nervous about common care procedures, so It can help them to reduce their anxiety and stress. MORE

In term of AI, we worked in our dissertation during master of science related to artificial intelligence. By doing this, we started to combine our thesis and designed software which assist physicians to make their decisions easier. MORE

In regards to the Internet of Medical Things, we made a device (#Bit-Blueye) which helps hospital authorities to manage patients and calculate their bills easier than conventional paper method. Moreover, it can monitor medical staffs for improving their work and service. MORE

Finally, we designed a modular graphical software named CLINICORE to make patient's report and eliminate traditional paper report, thereby emphasizing environment issue. MORE

TEAM Members

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Mohsen Zahraei

/ Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

•B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering
•M.Sc. in Medical Imaging overemphasizing MRI Imaging
•Specialized in Image Processing, Programming, Designing internet of medical things (IoMT) and Artificial Neural Network

Amin Shahamiri

/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

•B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering
•M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering overemphasizing Machine Learning
•Specialized in Artificial Intelligence, Programming and Designing Electronic Devices

Hanieh Soltaninejad

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

•B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering
•M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering overemphasizing Robotics
•Specialized in Microelectronics, Signal Processing and Designing Medical Devices

Shervin Bashiri Goodarzi

Clinical Affairs

•General Physician
•More than 5 years experience in medical program
•Psychiatry Consultant and Technical Assistant

Shohreh Hajian

Program Manager

•M.A. in English
•About 7 years experience in program managing
•A good communicator

Amir Mahini

Sales Director

•Associate’s Degrees in Electronic
•About 10 years experience in sales and business manager

Neda Noorian

Clinical Advisor



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