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CLINICORE Software work as a one unit web-application software which including some departments such as Medical Imaging, Oncology, Dermatology, Obstetrics Gynecology, and Dental Software part. Some departments have been finished, and others are under construction by our program developers.
This software can record data during scan reports and save in the database. The report format and templates of all scan types are based on the recent international procedure guidelines and standards with flexibility for personal changes according to each center preferences. The prominent feature of this software is a highly efficient search engine which has great utility research and statistical purposes of their centers. It should be noted that all software has graphical and user-friendly options, so it can be rapidly taught and easily used by all physicians in any department.

#Smartphone Medical Software

FemHealth was designed and developed as a smartphone-based software. This application emphasizes the importance of promoting women’s health in such ways. First of all, they can communicate with their physicians online. Besides that, they can control and check up their bodies on their mobile daily.