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Smart Pharmaceutical Extracting System

VR Anxiety and Stress Reliever

#Smart Pharmaceutical Extracting System (roboBit-Pharma)

Designing medical device (#roboBit-Pharma) for protecting technologists and physicians against unnecessary hazardous drugs exposure.

This device can extract all kind of pharmaceutical and deliver it with high precision. The whole process carries out automatically and remotely. This device utilizing electronics, computing programs in order to downplay the human’s role and preventing human errors. In addition, artificial intelligence is used for finding and calculating the amount of pharmaceutical by calculating the patient’s weight and other features.

#VR Anxiety and Stress Reliever (Bitmed-VR)

Designing and making a new smart device for controlling patients anxiety and stress (#Bitmed-VR). This model enjoys VR, online feedback, AI and EEG in order to evaluate, control and modify brain wave. (recently it tested on more than 200 patients were under myocardial perfusion imaging. Results showed that, it can be helpful for both patients and their imaging. Indeed, this device not only reduce patients stress and anxiety which derive from their fear of nuclear medicine procedure but also it helps to reduce their physical motion thereby improving their imaging result (reducing motion artifacts).)

#VR Anxiety and Stress Reliever (Bit-VR)

Another model has been designed by our team for personal use. This model can be helpful for all people suffering from anxiety and stress during their hectic lifestyle (#Bit-VR). Although this device like a medical-version enjoys VR and online feedback, AI is lite-version.