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Smart Pharmaceutical Extracting System

VR Anxiety and Stress Reliever

#Smart Pharmaceutical Extracting System (roboBit-Pharma)

Designing medical device (#roboBit-Pharma) for protecting technologists and physicians against unnecessary hazardous drugs exposure.

This device can extract all kind of pharmaceutical drugs and deliver them with high precision. The whole process carries out automatically and remotely. This device utilizing electronics, computing programs in order to downplay the human’s role and preventing human errors. In addition, artificial intelligence is used for finding and calculating the amount of pharmaceutical medicine by calculating the patient’s weight and other features which are predefined.

#VR Anxiety and Stress Reliever (NeuraShape)

NeuraShape includes 4 devices (Bitmed-VR, Bit-VR, Bit-Ear and Bit-Glasses) that are new technologies based on Virtual reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and special sound frequency. They have been designed and developed for controlling patients’ anxiety and stress (#Bitmed-VR). Moreover, In terms of general version, every people who has been suffered from stress and anxiety originated from something such as a hectic lifestyle, mental pressure and even a long busy day are eligible to have it. Also, every people who needs focusing, relieving depression and improving learning can use it (#Bit-VR, #Bit-Ear and Bit-Glasses).